Empathic Design

Chris Purdie is a UX Architect with a divergent background. He combines years of experience in visual art, design, music performance, and marketing with UX Design.
His experience has produced empathy for the user and has given him a diverse skill set from which to draw on.
Chris is a true team player, and he thrives in collaborative situations where a multifaceted background provides an abundance of solutions.

UX Design Process & Portfolio

UX Process

Graphic Design Portfolio

During his time at StateFoodSafety Chris redesigned the end-to-end user experience of the website (front end, gated dashboard, and LMS),
brand identity design, collateral, email marketing, and more. As a product designer at Plexity Labs he created the Dongle Dangler and UFO Tops.
This portfolio shows examples of Chris’ UX/UI design, brand identity design, product design, package design, and collateral designs.