Photographs by Lia Kim Farnsworth

Food, Food, Food

This performance piece was a collaborative effort developed by the members of BYU’s New Genres class.

The motivation for this performance came from a recent opening reception for an exhibition where we became frustrated in realizing that most of the patrons were there for the food not the art. This is a common occurrence when free food is offered, especially in the Harris Fine Arts building due to the play and music concert goers who feel inclined to partake with no concern for the art. We decided to switch the roles and place the food on the pedestals and the art on the refreshments table. The patrons were directed to view the food and take a free piece of art. Later in the evening the artists began to eat the food in front of the audience.

Artists: Brttiany Biliter, Sarah Butler, Laura Erekson, Lia Kim Farnsworth, Emily Fox, Marc Bradley Johnson, Jared Latimer, Chris Purdie, Morganne Witchfield, and Katie.


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