I am Chris Purdie (catalog)


I am Chris Purdie (Catalog)

I am Chris Purdie is a performance piece with thirty-five performers playing the role of the artist Chris Purdie during the artists reception. The performers, dressed in the Chris Purdie uniform, engaged audience members and conversed with them the evening of March 6, 2009 at the Sego Art Center in Provo, Utah.

The piece was inspired by too many uncomfortable and awkward moments at receptions and trying to escape or lessen those experiences. As the piece developed it became more about the importance of identity as created through internal and external interactions. The piece asked the audience to consider the importance of their interactions with their environment as well as other individuals in their communities.

I am Chris Purdie Cast:

Neil Bly, Sherisa Bly, Joshua Dravland Brown, Fidalis Buehler, Duane Call, Joscef Castor, Ashley Mae Christensen, Brian Christensen, Maren Dennis, Emily Fox, Christopher Groesbeck, Monson Hayes, Carl Hoiland, Kaneischa Johnson, Eddie King, Andrew Kosorok, Kat Mandeville, Denise Metcalf, Melissa Myers, Hailey Nebeker, Aaron Ogilvie, Gian Pierotti, Amy Purdie, Chris Purdie, Dennis R. Purdie, Jason Purdie, Jayson Reynolds, Laura A. Rowley, Judy Simmons, Lisa Stoffer, Jake Ben Suazo, Jayci Taylor, Amanda VanValkenburg, Cecilia White, Hallie Wiseley. Understudies: Austin Neal Lynn Baker, Ashlan Schofield, Amalia Smith.


A sixteen page catalog and eight minute video documentary accompany this piece.

Catalog Credits:

Design: Cole Nielsen; Essays: Jill Dawsey, Wade Hollingshaus; Introduction: Jason Metcalf; Editor: Lynda Palma; Photography Editor: Chad Keyes; Funding: The Laycock Center; Printer: Brigham Young University Print Services; Photography: Leo Patrone (front & back cover, 4–5), Chad Keyes (3), Justin Hackworth (2, 10), James Lyons (6–7, 9, 11), Duane Call (12); Printed in Edition of 200.

Documentary Credits:

Director: Judy Simmons; Art Director/Producer: Chris Purdie; Executive Producer: Ben Unguren; Editors: Tracy Derenthal, Judy Simmons; Associate Producer: Cameron Wilbur; Sound Editor: Neil Bly; Cameras: Spencer Cahoon, Aaron Ogilvie, Travis Pitcher, Andrew Smith, Jarime Billings; Narration Editors: Chad Murphy, Lee Kimball; Narrators: Andrew Kosorok, Emily Fox, Monson Hayes, Judy Simmons, and Chris Purdie.

Performance Credits:

Artist Assistant: Amalia Smith; Design: Cole Nielsen, Andy Bean; Photography: Leo Patrone, Chad Keyes, Justin Hackworth, James Lyons, Duane Call, Britney Smith, Cami Ecker; Promotions: Jill Fellow, Brandon Purdie, & Sego Art Center; Casting: Alex Paulos, Chris Purdie, Dennis Purdie, Dave Mortensen, Megan Sanborn Jones, Lisa Stoffer; Advisors: Wade Hollingshaus, Brian Christensen, Gary Barton, BYU Theater & Media Arts Department, and Visual Arts Department; Film Documentation: Judy Simmons, Spencer Cahoon, Cameron Wilbur, Aaron Ogilvie, Travis Pitcher, Andrew Smith, Jarime Billings; Sego Art Center: Jason Metcalf, Brandon Boulton, Colin Nesbit, Megan Nesbit, Roland Thompson, Lia Kim Farnsworth

Funded in part by The Laycock Center for Creative Collaboration in the Arts, College of Fine Arts and Communications, Brigham Young University


Photographs taken by Leo Patrone

Designed by Cole Nielsen

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