I am Chris Purdie

This project was about building an individual and community identity accomplished through an accumulation of shared experiences.

Part of the project involved the performers posting on the I am Chris Purdie blog.

I am Chris Purdie (Documentary–2 minute excerpt) from Chris Purdie on Vimeo.

Directed by Judy Simmons (for more information go to I am Chris Purdie (Documentary).

I am Chris Purdie (Performance Poster)
I am Chris Purdie (Performance Poster)

I am Chris Purdie catalog and promotional materials designed by Cole Nielsen and photographed by Leo Patrone

KUTV 2 News interview with some of the cast about Chris Purdie’s performance art exhibition titled I am Chris Purdie at the Sego Art Center in Provo, Utah March 6, 2009.

chrispurdie.com from skylerjeppson on Vimeo.


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