Lamps Unite


Lamps Unite is composed of three similar, ordinary lamps with three power cords drawing power from three outlets to light a single bulb. A lamp is used to provide light so humans are no longer subject to the sun. There was a point or multiple points in the evolution of the human race that we diverged from nature and sought an independent course. The desire to work against nature produces mutations or unnatural consequences such as a depletion of natural resources and unsustainable practices. This then brings us to the place where we must make a decision to either find new ways to do the same thing, find a new direction, or return to nature.

Three points of contact is the smallest number to provide stability to a standing object. Three heads are better than one or three bodies are better with one head? Unity is an interesting principle, which goes against the human instincts of competition. This principle of a united group of individuals to achieve something greater than could be done by an individual is seen in many industries as well as in politics where boards, quorums, and presidencies convene.

Lamps Unite could be interpreted as representing the idea of diminished resources, where more power is required to do the same thing that was once possible with less. On the other hand I prefer to interpret Lamps Unite as enacting the type of synergy that happens when people work together for the greater good and the results are greater than the sum of their parts. When one wins we all win because we are on the same team. What would our world look like if everyone were trying to work for the good of others? At times we have individuals working to serve selfish desires—turned inward. If everyone were to turn outward each individual would have billions looking out for him or her and none would want for anything. 

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