Salon Style

Salon Style is an exhibition with the painting and drawing students at Brigham Young University. I was commissioned to build a sculpture for the painting and drawing students to paint and draw in their classes. I had been wanting to do a project where I camouflage or conceal my work inside of the work of the others. I was planning to build a sculpture that would be photographed then they would all hang together and my work and the work of others would be combined and the borders of authorship would blur.

I saw the opportunity to accomplish this idea with paintings and drawings rather than photographs. I chose the title Salon Style because it is the way the paintings and drawings were hung but also how that method of exhibiting work would create one unified object–a true collaboration. The display style of hanging many works together in a small space was a show of opulence in former times, now it is either due to a lack of space or a sculptural form created from two-dimensional objects.

Thanks to Brigham Young University’s art department for their help and participation.

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