Extension a black extension cord with multiple golden prongs going every direction on one end and on the other end is the usual single plug with two golden prongs. It is patterned after a familiar object commonly used to extend power from a source to a device requiring power to function. This is an indoor, household variation of extension cord about twelve feet long to accommodate the average room size. These standard extension cords come in black, white or brown colors to blend in with their environment. In this instance it is black to hide in the shadows. Extension cords and cords in general are usually hidden behind the devices to help us forget that they rely or that we rely on electricity to function. This sculpture is created to mimic the original, ordinary extension cord except for the end with multiple prongs. It is not unfamiliar to see a cord with multiple outputs; most extension cords not only extend the delivery of power but also provide power to multiple devices doubling the cords function. By mimicking the original, Extension implies the same level of functionality. It is only upon further examination or contemplation that one might realize the dangerous nature of this object. If any of the prongs were to be plugged in, the exposed prongs produce the potential for being electrocuted. Taking an object such as an extension cord, which has an intermediary function or has no function of its own, makes it not about the outcome but rather about the action of using such an object. The only reason we use an extension cord is to acknowledge our need for power. Extension amplifies this action. If it were a plug attached to a device there would be an entirely different meaning, more specifically directed toward the device. If the plugs were inputs rather than outputs it would also change the content. The reality is that these are all inputs providing no service or delivery, only taking and never giving.

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