…the indefinite continued progress of existence and events…


…the indefinite continued progress of existence and events…

Photos by Benjamin Evan Combs

Photos by Chad Keyes

…the indefinite continued progress of existence and events…
Exhibited at the CUAC — 175 East 200 South Salt Lake City, Utah — December 19, 2013-March 15, 2014

This show was made up of 5 individual yet connected works:
1. Generally Relative
Materials: Clock, string, hooks, pulleys, cable, rock
As the minute hand turns it twists the string, creates tension, and propels the clock forward across the room.

2. Plow: An Accumulation of Cooperative Effort
Made in collaboration with Andrew Smith and Brian Christensen
Materials: Spider gears, u-joints, extension shafts, pulleys, cable, bolt, steel sled, rocks
As gallery patrons turn the crank the container slowly moves forward. With enough participation and through combined efforts the rocks will be transported across the room.

3. Real Time: Wisconsin Fast Plant (Cruciferae or Brassica rapa)
Footage courtesy of the University of Wisconsin-Madison
Materials: Time lapse footage, computer, projector, cables
Duration: 44 days
A time-lapse video of a plant growing is returned to its actual growing-cycle length.

4. Work: Prose and Consequences
Materials: Video footage, sound, computer, projector, cables
Duration: 3:10:17 looping
A video documenting the artist burying himself inches at a time.

5. Unnatural Lighting
Made in collaboration with Ned Clayton
Materials: Sunlight, sensor, wire, dimmer, electricity, light bulbs
The lighting in the gallery is roughly equivalent to the lighting outside of the gallery.

Special thanks to CUAC, Adam Bateman, Andrew Smith, Ned Clayton, Jarime Billings, Tatiana Svrckova Larsen, Brian Christensen, and Jamie Purdie.


15 Bytes article by Ehren Clark and photos by Simon Blundell